The Company

"We produce and sell professional kitchen appliances for food preparation and convenience kitchens with great passion and great success. For many years, our focus on quality, performance, user-friendliness and innovation has resulted in first-class appliances for our customers."

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Kitchen Appliances

With more than 40 years of experience and a significant number of important innovations, Kronen is one of the world's leading manufacturers in professional food preparation

Our product portfolio ranges from system catering, juice and salad shops, bakeries and pastry shops to large-scale consumers in large kitchens, supermarkets and canteens.



In the 1990s, the concept "Systems for Convenience" was developed together with one of the largest German food retailers. Since then, Kronen has been offering not only high-quality machines for food preparation but also integrated solutions for the in-house preparation of fruit, vegetable and juice convenience for the food retailer directly in the market. Fresh and visible for the customers.


In House Production in Germany

To ensure the highest standard of quality throughout our product portfolio and to constantly drive innovation and product improvements, we design and manufacture all of our own products in Germany right next to our offices. 

Making Notes

We focus on Innovation & Continuity

We have always remained true to our core competencies and have never left the path of quality made in Germany.


  • 40 years of Family Owned Management 

  • 40 years of Continued Success in the Market

  • 40 years of Constant Product Innovation 

  • 40 years of Outstanding Quality

  • 40 years of Exemplary Safety

Market Leader

We are the leading manufacturer and the stainless steel Kronen "Cockpit Stations", Salad Bars and Convenience Appliances can be found in various supermarkets across europe. 



In the 1970s, Kronen advanced from a small appliance retailer to a renowned outfitter for large kitchens and supermarket chains. More than 1,500 convenience kitchens speak for themselves.


The beginnings of Kronen


The nouvelle cuisine began


Kronen was the first to offer devices and molds for pies, terrines and desserts, sorbets, vertical cutters and much more.


A new idea conquers the market


Kronen is the first company to develop machines and systems for the industrial production of fresh salad in bags.


The path to becoming a specialist


Kronen begins with the in-house production of knife and grating discs


The breakthrough


Kronen becomes the leading kitchen shop in North Rhine-Westphalia


Partner of the chefs


Kronen becomes a partner of the chefs and a sponsor of the Culinary Olympics. Represented in all national kitchens


Again a new innovation


Kronen is the first company to supply complete systems for the production of convenience directly in the supermarket


Kronen plans, assembles & coaches


More than 320 convenience kitchens have already been realized by Kronen worldwide. Ongoing user training for customers in the convenience sector is what sets the company apart.


Kronen starts with own production


Many years of experience and recognition of customer requirements are successfully implemented by Kronen in the in-house production of vegetable slicers.


Production relocated to Willstätt


To shorten the time between conception and production & to better implement the innovation, as well as the new designs, the production center is moved to Willstätt.


Family-run Business



Our Team

Executive Team

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International Sales

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