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Set yourself apart from the standard and cheap range of convenience kitchens and appliances. All products are designed to meet the highest quality and hygiene standards.


Quality from KRONEN


For more than 40 years


we have been developing equipment and overall concepts for processing salad, vegetables and fruit. As co-founders of the concept of fresh O&G Convenience Preparation in the supermarket and manufacturer of food preparation machines, we have the technology and the necessary know-how to show you how to produce profitably and hygienically... Right in front of your customers.

Globus Homburg-Einöd

With Kronen you are on the safe side

because we plan optics, design and equipment individually for your market, your space and customer structure. 

For kitchen tables and furniture we use exclusively high-quality stainless steel, no wood or plastic. All our equipment, cockpits and salad bars are built in accordance with the current DIN standards and HACCP guidelines.


The "Island of Freshness"

is used both in the large hypermarkets and in small city markets, visible to all customers, to produce convenience products and to stock the salad bar. Beside fruits and salads, the bestsellers are freshly squeezed orange juice, mixed juices and smoothies, as well as antipasti and homemade herb cream cheese. We adapt size, equipment and exterior appearance individually to your interior and customer structure.


Cockpit Stations

In the Kitchens 

of the large supermarket chains, we set up around 100 cockpit stations each year and equip them with the necessary equipment. Increasingly, cooking stations are also being integrated, especially for the production of delicatessen salads. Hygienic, rational production and sensibly organized workflows are the key to success. 

Every Construction Site is Different

In order to guarantee a problem-free installation in any case, we always personally measure the space before production starts and agree on the design and equipment with you. Kronen cockpit stations are delivered ready to plug in. On-site services, which otherwise cost money, are included: Electricity is completely installed with sockets, switch cabinet and RCD. Boiler, sewage and supply water piping is completely prepared. 

All-round Carefree Package

Even after the installation we will not leave you alone. We provide you with recipes and teach your employees the tips and tricks they need to work hygienically, rationally and economically. And, if you wish, we will actively support you at the opening ceremony.


Salad Bars

The Kronen Salad Bar

is generally manufactured to order. We adapt the size, design and appearance individually to the conditions in your market. Therefore you will always get the perfect combination of functionality and design.

You get your Saladbar exactly as you imagine it. Request information material here.

An Eye-Catcher

Whether free-standing in a room, standing on a wall or as an island with integrated preparation, the visible freshness is always a point of attraction for your customers. Kronen's customized solutions have already paid for themselves in a very short time at many locations and sometimes it is hard to imagine life without them. The fresh concept is also being implemented very successfully in smaller markets.

High Quality Construction

Cooling trough and body are completely made of stainless steel. The base is available in three different designs. On request also with integrated storage cupboards. Worktop optionally made of stainless steel, Resopall or granite. For the exterior panelling you can choose stainless steel or a matching wood decor.

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