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First-class quality and innovative technology - designed and manufactured in Germany.


Vegetable Slicers


Vertical Cutters


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& Ema Sticks


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KG 253 Draufsicht

Complete Series ranging from small specialty restaurants to large canteens

Kronen Vegetable Slicer are completely made out of high-quality stainless steel and characterized by outstanding hygiene and easy cleaning features. The full-moon opening and the user-friendly design of all models are market leading quality features and promise high performance for your kitchen. The German knives made out of hardened steel guarantee a clean and precise cut ensure longer product shelf life.

KG 200

Kronen KG 200


Up to 900 meals a day

or 9 kg per minute

KG 300

Kronen KG 353


Up to 1500 meals a day

or 15 kg per minute

KG 400

Kronen KG 453


Up to 5000 meals a day

or 3.6 tons per hour

saumon frais

Extremely stable, outstanding hygiene and easy handling

The Kronen Cutters made out of thick-walled stainless steel guarantees quality, power and reliability. The strong see-through polycarbonate lid has a sophisticated safety mechanism and a filling opening for the addition of liquids. The hardened knives made in Germany and the strong motor reduce possible product heating. Easy disassembly facilitates easy cleaning and ensures maximum hygiene.


Cutter Nako 3L

Kronen Nako Cutter


3L & 5L pot

1 & 2 speeds

Including knife smooth standard


Cutter Nako 5L

Kronen Nako Plus + Cutter


3L & 5L pot

1 & 2 speed

Including knife micro-serrated standard and scraper


Full-fledged vegetable cutter and cutter in one

They are powerful machines that can be converted from a vegetable cutter to a cutter in a matter of seconds. With accessories that can be changed quickly, you are able to prepare an extensive menu. Over seventy different types of cuts for stylish and imaginative presentations of salads, garnishes and many other combinations make this all-rounder possible. When used as a cutter, you can effortlessly prepare meat farces, elaborate creations such as mousse, fillings, cream dishes, pies, etc.

Gemüseschneider Kombigerät

Combination Machine TRK 45

Gemüseschneider Kombigerät

Combination Machine TRK 55

Gemüseschneider Kombigerät

Combination Machine TRK 70

Soupe de pomme de terre

Blenders & EMA Sticks

High-quality blenders, stick and turbo mixers for bars, large kitchens, canteens and supermarkets

Emulsify, mix and whip like never before! The particularly strong suction effect and the finest shredding guarantee a perfect result. The easiest handling and the revolutionary interaction of drive shaft and rotor clearly stand for Kronen quality made in Germany. Blenders in various designs complete the wide range of this line.

Kronen Mixer KM

Kronen Mixer KM

EMA Stäbe

Kronen EMA Stick

Turbomixer Dito Sama

Turbo Mixer Dito Sama

geschnittenes Gemüse 2

Hand & Convenience Appliances

Hand-held appliances for processing fresh fruit and vegetables

Kronen offers an extensive range of products for your convenience kitchens. Our products will help you peel and portion pineapples, crack coconuts, cut watermelons or prepare apples for your fruit salad. Immerse yourself in the world of unlimited possibilities that Kronen offers you in this sector.

Ka1 mit Ananas








Faire la pâte à pizza


Concentrated power for doughs, creams and masses from 5L to 80L

Concentrated power for your doughs and masses, whether in the kitchen or in the bakery. Robust, stable and strong universal beating and stirring machines that can perform the following functions: kneading all types of dough, mixing creamy liquids, emulsions and various sauces. The bowl of the mixer has a removable protective cover, which offers a high level of ergonomics. User-friendly lifting and lowering devices and infinitely adjustable rotation speed increase the ease of use.

Tisch-Rührmaschinen Dito Sama

Table Mixers Dito Sama

Learn more
Stand-Rührmaschinen Dito Sama

Stand Mixer Dito Sama

Learn more

Ice machines

Ice cream and sorbet machines from 0.7L to 3 liters

If you want to expand your range with homemade ice cream, the finest sorbet and granite, you have made the right choice with Kronen ice cream and sorbet machines. Separately switchable cooling and stirring unit, timer and its own Granité process control guarantee tasty results. The temperature preservation function keeps the product at the ideal temperature at the end of the cycle, so the product is always ready to serve.


Ice Cream

la fabrication de pâtes

Pasta machines

To always prepare pasta as fresh as possible

Follow the trend with the production of in-house pasta specialties. Regardless of whether it is motor-driven with a fixed or continuously adjustable speed, or manually with a drive crank - you reduce the preparation time with these helpers and in all cases have a uniform result, which ensures high-quality pasta. With the various cutting rollers for spaghetti, tagliatelle and ribbon noodles, you can produce pasta in the most professional manner.

Nudelmaschine handbetrieben

Hand Operated Pasta Machines

Nudelmaschine motorbetrieben

Motorized Pasta Machines

Salade fraiche

Vegetable and Salad Washing Machines

Complete series of salad spinners and our Kronen washer & spin dryer combination

Achieve the best salad compositions. Wash and dry lettuce, spinach, leek, parsley, cabbage, broccoli and artichokes in the shortest possible time, while fully preserving the quality and consistency of your product. Kronen vegetable washers and spin dryers are ideally suited for the efficient and safe cleaning of fresh vegetables and lettuce.


Kronen Gemüse- & Salatwaschmaschinen

Salatschleuder mit Korb

Kronen Gemüse- & Salatschleuder

Gemüseschleuder ELX

Dito Sama Gemüse- & Salatschleuder


Vegetable and Salad Washing Machines

Complete series of salad spinners and our Kronen washer & spin dryer combination


Vegetable & Salad Washing Machines



& Salad Spinner

Dekoriert Fancy Dish

Molds & Sieves

The Kronen shapes in our typical high quality

Get your products in shape or sift them properly. In this sect you will find all kinds of helpers, for cakes or pies to dough stamps. Surprise your guests with the sight of creative shapes for your starters and desserts

Edelstahlform mit Deckel

Pâtés and Terrine Molds

Tortenringe Übersicht

Starter and Dessert Molds


Pasta Cutter



Sieves & Strainers


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