Overview - Pasta Machines



Hotel Restaurant.


Main use:

For making fresh pasta


Kronen pasta machines in unbeatable quality:

  • High quality, reliable and durable.


  • Machine made entirely of stainless steel.


  • Roll out rollers adjustable up to 10 mm


  • Various cutting rollers available for spaghetti, tagliatelle and ribbon noodles.


  • Fresh pasta made by hand. Your guest will notice, because freshly rolled out tastes better. More bite, more taste, simply delicious "al dente".


Hand operated

With hand crank and table attachment



Motorized at 1 speed


Electronically operated

Infinitely variable


Kronen Pasta Machine R220-  Hand-Operated

Details Nudelmaschine R220

Special features:


  • It is attached to a stable table for work. The large crank drives the roll-out roller


  • The cutting rollers are attached and driven with the small crank.


  • Hand-operated: sheeting and cutting rollers are driven by a hand crank


  • Plus Cutting rollers


  • Incl. Clamp for table mounting


Kronen Noodle Machine RMN 220 -motorized

Nudelmaschine Motorbetrieben
Details Nudelmaschine motorbetrieben

Special features:


  • The top seller: Motorized with a speed of 45 rpm.


  • Thanks to the motor drive, you have both hands free to insert and lay out the sheets of dough or cut pasta.


  • Like all models, the RM-220 can only be used to roll out.


  • The motor can be coupled with the cutting roller

Herstellung von Teigwaren

Kronen Pasta Machine RME 220 -electric

Nudelmaschine stufenlos
Details Nudelmaschine elektrisch

Special features:


  • Motor-operated with infinitely variable speed 5-100 rpm.


  • With the RA-220 you can infinitely adjust the speed of the sheeting and cutting roller. In this way you can adjust the rotation exactly to your dough, whether firm or soft, whether knead slowly or roll out quickly.


  • The motor can be coupled with the cutting roller



With the Kronen Pasta Machines you can produce your own fresh pasta or dough specialties in a flash. By expanding the variable cutting rollers, you can determine yourself which pasta is prepared for which dishes.


Choose from 5 cutting rollers, suitable for all models; each 220 mm roller width

Schneidwalze  1,5mm

8010 Cutting Roll 1.5mm

Schneidwalze  2mm

8020 Cutting Roll 2.0mm

Schneidwalze  4mm

8030 Cutting Roll 4.0mm

Schneidwalze 6,5mm

8040 Cutting Roll 6.5mm

Schneidwalze  12mm

8050 Cutting Roll 12mm