Kronen Juice Centrifuge


KE 5500
Engl. KE 5500


Hotel, restaurant, supermarket, bar, cafe


Main use:

For the production of fruit and vegetable juices


Fits in all companies where performance is required

  • Effectively 20 - 30% more yield than with comparable professional devices.

  • Strong and quiet engine. Suitable for large quantities and heavy use.

  • Large filling opening for whole apples = less pre-cutting.

  • The large, balanced spin basket ensures smooth running, high yield and, as a result, dry pomace


Optimal hygiene

  • Engine block and attachments made entirely of stainless steel

  • Easiest disassembly in seconds

  • All parts are dishwasher safe


Special features:

  • Two speeds 4,500 rpm. for soft fruits (pineapple, melon) and 5,500 rpm. for maximum yield with hard fruits such as carrots, apples etc.

  • Machine completely in stainless steel

  • Including chute reduction: ideal for narrow carrots


Kronen Citrus Press KP-3

Stapel der Orangen
Zitruspresse KP 3
KP 3 En

Special features:


Space-saving, elegant and easy to use

  • Motor starts as soon as the fruit is placed. The machine does not need any switches or buttons.

  • Quiet run = no splash.


Optimal hygiene

  • The press system can be completely removed with one hand movement.

  • Body with rounded corners for easy cleaning.

  • Parts dishwasher safe

  • Stainless steel case

  • Stainless steel drip pan included

  • Tilt spout prevents dripping.