Vegetable Slicer Dito Sama TRS

Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț
Kronen Gemüseschneider 353


Hotel, restaurant, supermarket, snack bar, deli


Main use:

For processing lettuce, vegetables, raw vegetables, mushrooms, fruit and cheese. The vegetable cutter can be used to quickly and easily produce a wide variety of cut shapes: Suitable for slicing, pre-chopping, planing, grating and precise cutting of sticks, cubes and French fries.


Top quality, simple operation, high performance and the best cutting results

  • Infinitely variable, electronically adjustable speed: Because soft fruit or tomatoes are cut slowly - hard raw vegetables are cut quickly.

  • All machine parts are individually removable and dishwasher safe. Even the cutting chamber can simply be removed: No more wiping out by hand!

  • Hygienic design with smooth, rounded shapes.

  • Thanks to the large hopper funnel (215 sq. Cm), very little has to be pre-cut.

  • Filling arm with integrated funnel for long vegetables. 60mm diameter, ideal for carrots, cucumbers, leek zucchini etc.

  • The base, which is inclined by 20 °, enables easy filling and emptying.

  • Motor housing made of aluminum. Filling arm and funnel made entirely of stainless steel, dishwasher-safe.

  • IP55 touch control, waterproof control panel. Adjustable at the push of a button for precise cutting.

  • Asynchronous industrial motor for high reliability and quiet operation. Stainless steel motor shaft.

  • Complete machine in IP24. Two separate safety switches stop the machine in order to protect the operator from potentially dangerous situations. One switch registers whether the handle is lifted and / or the shaft has been removed, the other whether the lid is open.


Discs and Accessories

Special features:


  • Discs are made of out Stainless Steel and are Dishwasher Safe

  • Blades are made in Germany and can be sharpened to always guarantee the perfect cut

  • No coatings are required to prevent foreign substances from reaching the food

Verstellbare TRS.jpg


 48110 Fine Grating Disc




48101 Fine Cut Slicer  1 mm

48102 Fine Cut Slicer  2 mm

48103 Fine Cut Slicer  3 mm

48104 Slicing Disc      4 mm

48105 Slicing Disc      5 mm

48106 Slicing Disc      6 mm

48124 Slicing Disc      8 mm

48122 Slicing Disc    10 mm




48136 Julienne Cutter  2.2 x 2.2 mm

48128 Julienne Cutter     4 x 4 mm

48109 Julienne Cutter     6 x 6 mm


Raffel TRS.jpg


48111 Grating Disc 2 mm

48112 Grating Disc 3 mm

48113 Grating Disc 4 mm

48114 Grating Disc 6 mm

48115 Grating Disc 8 mm


Reibescheibe TRS.jpg


 48110 Fine Grating Disc


Würfelgitter TRS.jpg


48116 Dicing Set   7.5 x 7.5   mm

48117 Dicing Set    10 x 10    mm

48121 Dicing Set 12.5 x 12.5 mm

48118 Dicing Set    15 x 15    mm

48119 Dicing Set    20 x 20    mm


45444 Wellenschnittscheibe 4,0mm Edelsta


48120 Crimping Disc     4 mm


Pommes TRS.jpg


48116 Dicing Set   7.5 x 7.5   mm

48117 Dicing Set    10 x 10    mm

48121 Dicing Set 12.5 x 12.5 mm

48118 Dicing Set    15 x 15    mm

48119 Dicing Set    20 x 20    mm



45163 Kronen Disc Stand

Made entirely out of stainless steel to keep your discs hygienic and organized